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Michigan is comprised of a diverse set of natural resources with plant communities ranging from dry native prairies to wet riparian forests with hundreds of species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fish inhabiting Michigan’s landscape. Development, human activities, invasive species, and environmental changes are contributing to a decline in fish and wildlife habitat, which challenges the sustainability of fish and wildlife populations throughout Michigan. Fortunately, the Muskegon Conservation District is here to assist landowners and public agencies with fish and wildlife management. Over 80% of Michigan is privately owned, making private landowners key to the successful management of fish and wildlife habitat statewide.

Whether you are seeking assistance with fish and wildlife improvements in your backyard or the back forty the Muskegon Conservation District is here to aid you in your efforts. The District routinely assists with or implements projects including: fisheries habitat (in stream and lake) improvement, installation of food plots, planting of native vegetation, and the development of management plans.

In order to help individuals preserve fish and wildlife habitat on their property the Muskegon Conservation District offers annual fundraisers to provide natural resource related materials. Some of these fundraisers include the Spring Seedling Fundraiser, the Native Perennial Sale, and the winter Bird Food Fundraiser. Individuals can receive more information regarding these opportunities by signing up for our e-mail newsletter, visiting the MCD Facebook page, or by getting on our mailing list.

Contact the Muskegon Conservation District today and join us in preserving Michigan’s rich fish and wildlife heritage.