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Almost 50% of the forestland in Michigan is owned by private individuals. That’s over 8.3 million acres in the hands of private landowners. Many of these private lands are small parcels, under 30 acres, and are not actively managed. For many landowners, they are not sure what value their woodlot has financially, but are also not sure as to the benefits they provide as wildlife habitat, as recreational areas, or for aesthetic appeal.

The Forestry Assistance Program (FAP) is offered to residents of Muskegon County to provide those non-industrial private landowners with information on how they can manage their forest resources in a way that will achieve their specific goals. Management is not always the cutting of trees for financial gain. A woodlot, or forest can be managed to attract more wildlife, provide recreational areas such as nature trails, ski trails, wildlife viewing opportunities and more.

Private landowner’s holding between 20-640 acres of forested land may be eligible for the Qualified Forest Program. This program provides tax benefits for landowners who have a management plan written by a Certified Forester in place for their property.

For more information, forestry assistance, or to determine if you your property is eligible for the Qualified Forest Program please email our forester, Michael Paling or call him at 231-861-5600 ext. 106.