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Since 1938 the Muskegon Conservation District has been hard at work conserving our local natural resources. And, although this overarching mission comes out of state law, the essence of what we accomplish day-to-day is due to the passion of the Board of Directors, the staff, and our interaction with YOU! Each project we complete, and program that we run, is due to an expressed interest or need … that comes directly from local communities.

The Conservation District is available to provide technical assistance to public and private landowners on a variety of topics including forestry management, fish and wildlife habitat enhancement, stormwater protection, native landscaping, and streambank restoration.

For more information on what we do and how we can assist in your natural resource needs please browse the site or contact our office.

Our Mission
It shall be the mission of the Muskegon Conservation District to conserve, restore, and protect local natural resources for the public good and for the long term stewardship of the land. The District shall provide technical assistance, demonstration projects, research, education, outdoor recreational opportunities, publications, equipment, and conservation materials for the public to properly manage and use their natural resources. The District shall manage all lands under its administration and ownership for the highest ethical purpose of the “public commons” and for the benefit and conservation of natural resources.