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Muskegon Conservation District projects & programs are as diverse as the landscape and are continually changing to meet the environmental challenges in local communities. Since first being established in 1938 to restore, protect, and manage local natural resources we have reached some truly astounding goals.

To learn more about these projects & programs click on the links below to see how we can help assist you in your local natural resource needs.

» MCD Properties
» Dunes
» Exotic / Invasive Species
» Fish & Wildlife
» Forestry
» Native Landscaping
» Water Quality & Stormwater

Since 1938 the Conservation District has:

  • Planted 8,000+ acres of red pines, 2,500+ acres of hardwoods, and 800+ acres of native grasses.
  • Implemented sustainable forestry management plans on over 35,000 acres of private forest land.
  • Repaired 160+ road stream crossings and failing culverts.
  • Worked with 670+ landowners to implement conservation practices on 50,000+ acres of land.
  • Installed 17,000+ lineal feet of fisheries habitat structures impacting 20 miles of local streams.
  • Developed 105+ wildlife management plans affecting over 4,000 acres of habitat.
  • Controlled invasive/exotic species on 1,800+ acres; including elimination of purple loosestrife, autumn olive, tartarian honeysuckle, phragmites, and spotted knapweed.