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Michigan, like no other state in the nation, has over 3,200 miles of shoreline along the Great Lakes resulting in more than 70,000 acres of critical dunes. Within this zone a rare combination of glacial history, wind, water, and vegetation came together to create the largest accumulation of freshwater coastal dunes in the world. These extraordinary dune features set the stage for a distinctive mix of ecological communities that support rare and endangered species, irreplaceable habitats and dynamic biological. With such a vast amount of dunes along the lakeshore it is unimaginable that an individual action could determine the future and quality of the landscape. Yet it is the individual lot and single management activity that will truly determine protection of these rare and fragile ecological systems.

The Muskegon Conservation District can help you with your protection activities! District staff provide assistance in everything from determining appropriate management measures for your property to implementing those management practices, and almost anything in between. This could be as simple as determining appropriate species to plant at your site to more extensive work installing erosion control measures on your property. Please contact the Muskegon Conservation District with your dune protection questions and for pricing for these services.

Do you want to add Dune Grass to your landscape OR need to install Dune Grass for erosion control?

You can purchase dune grass from the Muskegon Conservation District through our annual spring seedling sale. Spring seedling sale orders are due by mid-March with orders available for pick-up in April. Don’t worry if you missed the spring seedling sale, you can still order dune grass from the District. Dune grass is typically available for purchase from April 1st – May 31st & from September 1st – October 31st. Contact MCD to place an order!

Do you need a Vegetation Removal Assurance?

If you are planning a development in a critical dune area, a dune vegetation removal restoration plan is needed as part of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s permitting process. The Muskegon Conservation District will work with you to provide a vegetation removal and restoration plan for your permitting needs. You can get more information about the critical dune permit process by visiting the Michigan Association of Conservation Districts website or by contacting the Muskegon Conservation District.