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Forest Management Properties

The Muskegon Conservation District owns over 1,200 acres throughout the area and range in size from 20 to 120 acres. These properties are permanently protected and are open for recreational activities that do not hinder the ability of the District to utilize the property for its intended purpose, forest management demonstration. In most cases, individuals may use the property for the following general purpose activities without notification or consent: hiking / wildlife watching, environmental education, and harvesting edible mushrooms.

Certain parcels owned by the Muskegon Conservation District are also open for special purposes such as hunting, trapping, skeet shooting, camping, or other activities not listed as a general purpose. Individuals interested in using the parcels for these activities must be issued a special use permit by the Muskegon Conservation District.

For more information regarding the use and location of these parcels can be found in the District Hunting Land Use Guide or by visiting the office. If you are interested in a special use permit please call or visit the office. Hunting/Trapping applications are available 90 days prior to the opening day of the season of which you are applying for. All hunting/trapping requests must be accompanied by a Consent & Authorization Form.

Boyce Woods Nature Preserve

Boyce Woods Nature PreserveA Legacy of Caring: Boyce Woods Nature Preserve, a 27-acre parcel, was gifted to the Muskegon Conservation District by the family of George Gaylor and Elaine Brink Boyce. For over 100 years the Boyce family’s conservation-minded stewardship protected this ecologically important area. The parcel was owned by the Boyce family for three generations. George Boyce received it as payment for a loan, and passed the land to his sons Edward and William Boyce.

Eventually the land passed to William’s son, George Gaylor Boyce, a North Muskegon High School graduate and outdoorsman who often visited the property to photograph the tiny spring wildflowers and the brilliant colors of fall.

The parcel contains several acres of wetland and adjoining woodland along Bear Creek which will be permanently protected for future generations and the public good.

Special thanks goes to Nancy Klok (Boyce) and her husband Ken for facilitating the donation of the property.

» Learn about the Boyce Family History (PDF)

» View the Boyce Woods Nature Preserve sign (PDF)